People love milestones. Especially fitness people.

Monday is huge. Fat loss starts on Monday, right? And Sunday is monumental because hey, that’s “cheat day” whether you need or deserve (or even want) a cheat.

But in my opinion, Friday is the biggest day.

Not only are most folks ready for a break by the time Friday rolls around, they’re also about to be cut loose from their work-week rhythm.

So they’ll be hanging out more, enjoying less structure, staying up later. It almost begs for a few drinks, maybe a slice of pizza or four.

My advice?

See Friday as a transition day, when you get ready to change your tactics.

If you’re in a great groove with 5 small meals a day, maybe on Saturday & Sunday it will be better to shift to 2 slightly larger meals and a snack?

If the weather is great and you want to enjoy it, maybe take note how you could adjust your approach and stay on target?

The key is being more proactive and less reactive and above all, not getting too worked up.

So forget “Happy Friday.”

It’s more, “Hello Friday. What do you got for me this weekend?”