Here are three fat loss facts that suck:

  1. The healthiest diet ever is a bad fat loss diet if you aren’t in a weekly calorie deficit.
  2. If you’re never hungry on your diet you probably aren’t losing any fat.
  3. The more your weekend diet resembles your weekday diet, the leaner you get.

I can’t change the rules, but I can help you win the game.

Here are a few other inconvenient truths in terms of fat loss (NOT overall health and fitness).

  • Food variety is overrated, and can even hold you back if you’re thinking about it too much and not getting into a routine.
  • Metabolism doesn’t really slow down with age—but we sure do.
  • Cardio is a distant third to weight training and diet. Most people need to focus on the latter two elements before adding in cardio. (Actually, this might be good news.)
  • Sleep is a forgotten factor. It’s boring and it’s obvious, but that doesn’t mean it ain’t messing up your fat loss efforts.
  • The best fat loss diet ever still sucks if you can’t follow it. There are a lot of reasons why this might be the case. The whole picture matters.
  • If constantly fitting alcohol into your macros is a big concern, then you’ll never reach your physique potential. (See above, re: food variety, getting into routines and not thinking about food all the time. Beyond that, well: I’m also just going to defer to experiences with clients here.)
  • The more work required to get junk food, the less likely you are to eat it (and the easier it is to not think about it or focus on the temptation). Don’t bring home crap, even if it’s “just in case company comes over.” You’re not that popular. And your friends can probably go without eight bags of potato chips.

– Coach Bryan