Every fat-loss diet stalls.

It’s really just a case of when and why.

Cause fat loss is seldom linear and will invariably fluctuate anywhere from a pound or two down to a few ounces, and sometimes nothing at all.

Hell, “weight” can even go UP at times—even when you’re seemingly doing everything right.

The body really can be fickle.

So WHEN you find that fat loss has genuinely stalled, here’s what NOT to do:

– slash calories

– cut all carbs or all fats

– add cardio

– add complexity (nutrient partitioning, carb cycling, fasting days, etc.)

– add a “fat burner”

Instead, run through this list and start doubling down on all that apply.


Stress kills progress. So the more anxious you are about the diet stalling, the harder it will be to get things moving again.

Everyone loses fat at a different pace, and it’s almost never “a pound a week, every week.”

It’s also the case that a diet that “worked” for you when you were young/single/living on the beach might not work as well when you’re older/busier/more stressed.


Verify calorie intake and compliance. Did you regress to eyeballing and guessing? The deeper you go, the more the calories count. So break out the scale or cups and spoons, and log harder.

Verify activity. Are you hitting all your prescribed workouts? How active are you throughout the day? Are you making your daily or weekly step targets?


Review lifestyle and sleep. Are you in a consistent train/eat/sleep pattern? Do your weekends still resemble your weekdays? Are you making time to relax every day?

Also, watch for subliminal snacking and self-medicating—it’s easy and more commonplace than you think.


Stay the course, but put yourself “on notice.”

Give your current approach another week but with significantly heightened awareness.

Cause although you eventually will need to adjust calories or cardio, before playing that card first try to squeeze the most out of what you’re already doing.

Remember, you can’t control the outcome—only master the process.

And that’s not achieved through complication or biohacking. It’s by making things as simple as possible.

– Coach Bryan