Probably not. But I do.

Hard Work is Magic. Follow a so-so free workout program off the ‘net and you’ll make progress — if you work hard.

Whereas the Perfect Program will do next to nothing if you sleepwalk through it.

Consistency is Magic. Three days of “perfect” eating followed by two of whatever won’t accomplish anything.

 But a month of 90% compliance or only one or two off-plan meals a week will yield dramatic results.

Noise Reduction is Magic. Get the wanna-be chefs out of your mental kitchen and follow YOUR plan.

Get off social media or at the least aggressively curate it. You don’t owe a stranger (especially a jerk) your attention, much less access to your emotions.

Kids are Magic. Yes, at times they’re evil magic. The dark arts, wicked sorcery. But how much depends a lot on you.

Dogs are Magic. Actually, angels to be more accurate. But close enough.

Botox is Magic. Just kidding. Seriously. And easy on those facial fillers, folks. And the Instagram filters. And…

Nah. Whatever floats your boat and doesn’t hurt anyone is fine by me. Because feeling good about yourself is magic.

(As long as it really does make you feel good about yourself.)

Helping People Is Magic. Years ago I was in a funk and reached out to a stranger I looked up to for help.

He suggested I try to help one person every day.

Not help them into buying my coaching or even reading my work but sincerely helping them. No strings attached.

And if I solved a problem they didn’t even realize was affecting them, even better.

It was the best advice anyone’s ever given me. It changed the course of my career, amongst other things.

And when I slack off or stumble or lose my way, I double down on that advice. It works every time.

I actually paid for that advice, but I’m always happy to give it away for free, because it’s already paid for itself many times over, in ways beyond dollars and cents.

All I ask is that you put it into action for a week.

That’s how you’ll pay me back.

It’s magic.

– Bryan