I do.

There are examples everywhere.
Hard Work is Magic. Download a random free program off the ‘net and you’ll make progress — if you bust your ass. Whereas sleepwalking through The Most Perfect Program Ever will do nothing.
Consistency is Magic. Three days of “perfect eating” followed by two or three days of whatever won’t accomplish a thing. But a month of 90% compliance (meaning one so-so day or one cheat meal a week) will yield dramatic results.
Noise Reduction is Magic. Get the wanna-be chefs out of your mental kitchen and follow YOUR plan. Turn off cable news. Stop inserting yourself into arguments, especially if you aren’t advancing it and just want to be heard. You’ll have more “oil in the lamp” for things that really matter.
Pursuit of Excellence is Magic. How you do something is how you do everything. But have the wisdom to accept when failing to achieve excellence is better than okay.
If you set out to make the perfect omelette and fall short you still get yummy scrambled eggs. On the other hand, start with “just gonna throw these baby chicks in the pan and maybe add some salsa and shit” then I won’t be coming over for breakfast any time soon.
Helping People Is Magic. Years ago someone smarter than me suggested I try helping one person every day. Not help them into reading my work or buying my stuff– sincerely helping them. And if I solved a problem they didn’t even realize was affecting them, even better.
This was probably the best advice anyone’s ever given me. It changed the course of my career amongst many other things.
I actually paid for that advice. And it’s paid for itself many times over, in ways beyond dollars and cents.
But now I’m giving it away for free. All I ask is that you put it into action for a week.
That’s how you pay me back.
It’s magic.