A big problem with the health & fitness industry is the need to strip nuance from everything to create easy to remember soundbites. (Preferably 140 characters or less, and if they can be turned into a handy infographic, even better).

Take “progress” for example. Yes, you “should” try to lift more weight or do more reps each workout. And yes, you should try to nail the dietary process a little bit better every day.

What needs to change, however, is the ridiculous standard that you must show clear, measurable progress every day/workout/whatever, else you’re doing something “wrong” and that something has to change.

Take any “long-view” activity, like your job or school or even parenting. Sure you might try to do “better” every day, but some days that just isn’t possible, for whatever reason. Some days life is a grease fire and it’s damn hard just showing up.

But that’s the key: you show up, do the best you can, get your reps in or make the best food choices possible, and resolve to make tomorrow a better day. You punch the clock.

Cause here’s thing: the people I know who’ve maintained above average physiques for decades (not in occasional 16-weeks “preps”) don’t make linear, perfect progress all year. At least not in measures that fit into a handy Excel sheet (and what should be measured as markers of progress is another discussion altogether).

But they always show up, are in the moment, and do the best they can.

They punch the clock.

– Coach Bryan