There’s nothing wrong with low-carb diets, although there’s nothing all that right with them, either.

So if an initial 14 or 21-day very low-carb “induction” phase is used to hammer down core habits… sure, go for it.

After all, compliance and sustainability are the keys to long-term success, and getting into a consistent winning streak can help make that happen.

But if the diet views even ONE high carb slip-up during that initial phase as a poison pill that requires you to start over at Day 1—then DITCH THE DIET.

There is ZERO physiological basis for it, and that one Danish you ate on Day 17 didn’t interrupt some magical “insulin reset.”

It’s just psychological trauma.

I can’t think of anything else to call something that demonizes cravings and creates a more adversarial relationship with food—all with ZERO physiological underpinning.

It’s like snorting a fat line of stress before every meal.

Seriously, don’t do it.

– Coach Bryan