There’s a long-understood principle in the coaching circuit that essentially boils down to “you gotta earn diet moderation.”

That is, you don’t “get” to enjoy flexible eating until you show consistent competency with structure and rules: good food choices, measuring, weighing, and tracking.

Diet flexibility only comes once you’ve put in the work to thoroughly calibrate your system of eating. Otherwise, “flexible” just ends up looking a lot like “eating whatever the hell you want.”

This is in stark contrast to training moderation—a debt you build up and eventually have to pay down.

Cause if you train hard and consistently for years on end, you don’t “get” to skip adopting more moderate approaches to training as you get older.

Things like:

* improving your focus and mind-muscle connection

* avoiding junk volume

* maintaining structural balance

* working on good technique

* getting more stimulus out of LESS work

* never (ever) working through pain

* managing and cycling intensity

* making sleep and restoration as important as diet and exercise

* ignoring the devil on your shoulder that’s heckling for a 1-rep max

But here’s the thing too many young bucks don’t understand, these “old guy training principles” are really just smart training principles—and they work just as well when you’re 20 as they will in your 40s and beyond.

But I rarely see young people paying them much attention, presumably cause the 20-something crowd already knows everything.

Guess you gotta earn wisdom too.

Where is this showing up in your world? Got a personal story to share on training moderation?

– Coach Bryan