“The pessimist sees a problem in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every problem.”

– Cardi B

Expressions like the above wear a little thin when it’s you that’s neck deep in said problem.

Also, before I get 100 well ack-shually emails: yes, I’m aware Cardi B is not the originator of that quote.

For many today that’s being stuck at home, can’t workout, investments dwindling, and income rapidly slowing to a mere inflamed prostate pee trickle.

If I can offer anything hopeful it’s that when this quarantine does end, things will come ROARING back fast, as in like flicking a light switch, so be ready.

That means taking the steps to be ready.

So hopefully we all can be in a position to jump back into the mix full-force.

Things Most Everyone Can Do


  • walking
  • mobility drills
  • upper back/rotator cuff/core work
  • hill sprints, biking
  • establish early sleep wake/times
  • meditate
  • plan your diet to a T
  • cook
  • master tracking macros
  • start monitoring blood pressure, resting heart rate, even blood glucose or HRV. Not because of the virus, but because you have time and it’s good practice.
  • train forearms (okay thats what I’m doing)


  • clean your office, garage, basement, closet, yard
  • revisit or re-set goals
  • declutter
  • write
  • fitness people, help destress and provide workarounds for your clients
  • look for my phone. I lost it somewhere. Now I’m quarantined so I can’t look for it. But I guess you are too. Shit.


  • text your friends
  • call your parents
  • try to be positive and helpful or even just playful on social media. Fighting/arguing relentlessly gets old when times are good. When nerves are already frayed, its just belligerent noise.
  • DON’T cancel/suspend your gym membership, especially independent gyms
  • Kindly don’t do the same to your online or in-person coach. Instead get them to help you with fitness or lifestyle workarounds. Many have no support and simply won’t survive
  • watch Road House. Dalton (Patrick Swayze) had the perfect zen mindset for these trying times.

Did you know…

According to Swayze’s on-screen girlfriend Kelly Lynch, every time Road House is on TV, actor Bill Murray calls her real-life husband and says, “Kelly’s having sex with Patrick Swayze right now. They’re doing it. He’s throwing her against the rocks.”

Above all, stay active, stay sharp, stay positive.

This too shall pass.