There are many diet and exercise “challenges” out there.

Most are directed at attracting newbies, which sure might help build a client roster. But personally, given the failure rate for newbies is so high already, isn’t “the process” challenging enough?

But for those with a little more experience, there are some challenges that can really make your life better—IF you’re successful.

Here are two of the best “simple but not easy” ones that get you a serious return on your investment.


For many, weekend drinking is just a given—a comfortable social norm or way to unwind. And in moderation—provided it works for you—you’ll hear no complaints from me.

BUT, I have never worked with anyone—EVER—who didn’t get better results in terms of fat loss when they cut out an even moderate “couple of drinks on the weekend” habit.

Personally, I think it’s less about the calories or any effects on metabolism, and more about subtleties like changes in sleep quality, the food cravings, and the often inevitable “bad habits” that surface when drinking.

And frankly, the why doesn’t matter—I just know it happens EVERY DAMN TIME.


Contrary to popular belief, meal plans DO work if you:

a) build it yourself, and

b) base it around your lifestyle and family dynamic.

It’s one reason why I never prescribe meal plans. I prefer to just help my clients eat better, their way.

But even the best weekday plan often falls apart on the weekend because our lives tend to be different. So pledging to follow your daily diet to a T on the weekend can be extra challenging.

The easiest and most effective approach is to build a separate, weekend-only plan—again, based on what you already do.

Something with similar calories and meal composition as your Monday to Friday, but perhaps fewer, larger meals. Or skipping breakfast. Or room for a restaurant meal.

It’s your life, and your weekend, and those finer details are totally flexible. But the more structure you can bring to your weekend eating, the better your overall results will be.

That’s it.

Take on these two challenges this weekend and let me know how you feel on Monday?

– Coach Bryan