So you are interested in adding a fat burner to your plan?

Start with the first nine items on this list:

1. Plan your meals and shop weekly

2. Prepare daily meals emphasizing fresh, whole foods

3. Establish consistent sleep/wake times—including weekends

4. Stay busy/active—especially evenings

5. Prioritize quality sleep

6. Track calories & protein

7. Walk outside daily

8. Get your mind OFF dieting (and ideally off social media too)

9. Practice patience, think big picture and visualize your goal

10. Hydroxycut!

Use or do them every day for 12 weeks with 90% consistency.

Then attribute your outstanding fat-loss results to a “product” (like the last item) in exchange for money, exposure, or even just some free protein powder.

It’s been done once or twice before. 😉

– Coach Bryan