So a coaching client reached out with a good-bad problem.

They have some really cool social events to look forward to, in the form of weddings and weekends away and nights out with friends.

But they also have fat loss and fitness goals, which is what had prompted them to hire me.

And considering they’re less the “pack Tupperware and pretend to be happy” type and more the “next round is on me” type, there’s some stressful disconnect.

I get it.

One thing I hope I never say to anyone who’s frustrated with their progress is, “If only you followed the plan I made for you!”

I know I’ve thought it—more than once. But I hope I’ve never said it, because it simply isn’t fair.

I’m a lot like the average Joe. Sometimes making the right choice just doesn’t happen, even though I know what to do.

During Covid I’d never been so slack with my nutrition, and even, yeah… at times with training too.

Looking back I just found “better” things to do. Sure, sometimes I had work to do, or I was helping others — but not always. Not by a long shot.

It wasn’t until a few months ago that I woke up and remembered as much as I like wine and staying up late and having fun, I LOVE being fit and liking how I look and above all being AUTHENTIC.

I also have a son. I want him to grow up seeing Dad enjoy life and laugh with his Mom and not be so type-A, but I also want him to see Dad go to bed at 9:30, even on the weekend, because Daddy’s got a squat workout in the morning and he wants to be done early so he can be his son’s Dad for the day.

This led me to start seeing being healthy as a kind of responsibility, and, as the cliché goes, that’s been a game-changer.

But that’s me. I’m specific case. I do fitness as a profession and a business. It’s a big part of me life.

Most people aren’t in the same spot, and so other people will have to sort out their priorities and their mental frameworks in slightly different ways.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get back to the question with some specifics…

Social events every week make getting lean harder. Also: yes, it will definitely take a bit longer. But if it’s just one or two things a week it’s more than doable.

Here’s a simple recommendation:

First, get a calendar.

Put a red-X though every day that has a wedding or a night out or a weekend away. On those days, just do the best you can. Maybe it’s a couple bad meals, a bottle or three of wine, whatever. Doesn’t matter. Just put ’em on the calendar and be real about what you’re looking at.

Now, as for EVERY other day? For those you gotta be 95%.

That’s the deal. You you accept the days that are off; for the rest, you gotta be damn near perfect. Hit every target as close as you can.

Do that and you will make progress every month. Maybe not a ton, and definitely not ideal, but a lot.

And when life gets a bit more boring again and you have fewer red-X days, those strong and sharp habits will already be dialed in and in place.

Which is when you make HUGE progress.

You really can have it all—almost.

Just not all at once.

– Bryan