Stop majoring in the minors.

Adults with jobs, kids, and responsibilities have FAR less time to devote to training.

No big surprises there.

Now there are some VERY good bodybuilders that have made it happen—even with busy families—just by being mercenary with time management (and having awesome spouses!) or hiring a coach.

But they also don’t sweat the small things and worry about the minutiae of training and nutrition.

Although some aspects of the training and diet process demand a lot of thinking, in truth it’s a VERY short list.

The MOST IMPORTANT THINGS are surprisingly “thoughtless.”

They’re the simple daily tasks that you perform every day until they become ingrained as subconscious, autonomic behaviors.

  • Preparing or eyeballing a meal and intuitively knowing the macros are “in range” to support your current goals.
  • Eating largely the same foods in the same quantities for 60-80% of your meals.
  • Consciously parking the stresses of the day and showing up at the gym with a clear plan, logbook in hand, and ready to get to work.
  • Turning off screens and naturally flowing into your wind-down routine at the same time every day.

You may not spend a lot of time thinking about these things, but you still do them consistently at a high level, and THAT’S what drives you forward.

But the larger point is this: regardless of your station in life, take a good hard look at the mental bandwidth you dedicate to a lot of the little things you do every day.

If something feels like minutiae, especially if you’re young and fitness is your life, then it probably is. And you’re simply better off not worrying about it.

Do what matters. Punch the clock.

– Coach Bryan Krahn