As you chase further improvements to your physique, you might be worried that others could see it as a “superficial endeavor.”

But don’t be fooled.

While a balanced, protein-rich diet and well-structured program of weight training can get you so far, extreme physique enhancement requires more than just superficial changes.

It demands deep, internal growth and development including skills like impulse control, self-motivation, and emotional management. And perhaps most importantly, the ability to delay gratification and forgo immediate rewards or pleasures in order to achieve more significant long-term goals.

Building an impressive physique isn’t as easy as just “following a diet” and “working out.”

If it were, we’d see many more impressive physiques out there.

That’s why when working with clients, we first assess how much internal growth is required to get them where they need to be.

Because once we’ve developed that “internal toughness” the external changes become more or less inevitable.

So if you’re struggling to elevate progress to the next level, before you look to further refinements in your diet and training, step back and look inward.

What skills are you missing? Where are your weaknesses?

Are you prone to frequent dietary hiccups? Do you still skip a workout when you’re just not feeling it? Can you stick to the plan for a few weeks but struggle to maintain motivation and momentum over the long haul?

Whatever it is, find and refine the missing skill.

And then focus on building whatever systems or habits are necessary to see that skill improve.

Because that’s where your next wave of progress is hiding—buried in the potential you’ve yet to uncover.

– Coach Bryan