Time marches on.

I don’t often use before & after transformations to promote my coaching because even when it’s done honestly (no photoshop or “sandbagging” the before pic) it’s still a bit short-sighted.

I mean, yeah, I do it (it works) but I always feel a bit weird about it.

I’m MUCH more interested in someone’s “after & after.”

How do they look and feel three months after their initial transformation? Or six months? A year? Even 10 years?

Because life is going to happen. We’ll finish degrees or go back to school, get married or separate and start anew, see babies arrive or older kids leave the roost.

The only constant in life is change. How will you change and grow with it?

My pics were both taken in the summer (I can tell by the tan) after a solid training block and are 10 years apart.

Before and After of Bryan, separated by 10 years

But it could be 100 years.

Marriage, career end, moving house, back to school, career change, move house again… cancer and EVERYTHING changes… live on a couch, rebuild, change countries, rebirth… start online coaching with just a gmail address and a Facebook page, beloved dog passes… move AGAIN (twice), two new dogs arrive… fertility rollercoaster… and then finally a son.


Obviously, the training side of my life had to change with it. I’ve had months where I couldn’t work out at all and FAR too many mornings where I had to dive through a pile of moving boxes to find “my gym stuff.”

It was rarely optimal, but I always tried to make it as optimal as it could be.

Now, looking back, I can objectively see progress. About 20 pounds of new real estate at a similar level of conditioning. Not great, but considering this progress occurred well after 30 and through a tsunami of change, I’m okay with it.

Still, not 100% satisfied. Next decade will be better. Because I am better: I’m smarter, more experienced, much more humble, more empathetic, and a hell of a lot more weather-tested. Or at least weathered.

And I still have hope. That will never change.

So, whether life brings its best or its worst or just the inevitable, I’m ready to make the best of it, the best of life.

Are you ready?

You’re living your own 10 or 20 or 50 year challenge right now. If you want to crush it, I’m here to help. (You can check out some of thse before and afters of my clients that I feel so weird about on my coaching page.)

Because trust me, I’ve been there.


– Bryan