You’ve heard us discuss the importance of spending a few weeks tracking calories, macros, and portion sizes in previous episodes of the Physique Mastery Podcast.

It’s an eye opening and educational experience when you see an estimate of how many calories you are consuming in a day.

It also eliminates much of the guesswork involved in deciding what changes need to be made in order to see visual progress in your transformation journey.

But the numbers don’t tell the whole story. Far from it!

In episode 33 of the Physique Mastery Podcast, we discuss the most important metric for you to track if you want to experience faster and long lasting body transformation success.

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Your homework this week;

  • Track how you feel when you put the fork down after a meal.
  • Track how you feel an hour later.
  • Track how your pre-workout meal effects your energy and performance.
  • Track your energy and performance if you train fasted.
  • Track how your last meal/snack of the day effects your sleep.
  • Make note of moments when you lose control and eat in excess.
  • Make note of what happens if you go too long between meals.
  • Make note of how you feel if you delay breakfast.
  • Make note of your energy levels throughout the day.

The key to your transformation success is AWARENESS!

Enjoy the episode… and as always, we appreciate your feedback. If you have any topics you’d like us to cover in future episodes, feel free to send us an email.