How to transition from a muscle building phase to a fat loss phase.

Changes in diet, training, and mindset.

In episode 50 of the Modern Musclehead Podcast, Physique Coach Scott Tousignant and I share some workout and nutrition updates as we both transition into a cutting phase to get shredded for the Summer.

At least that’s my plan. My food log last night suggests otherwise. (Ben & Jerry’s).

  • First steps to take when starting a cutting phase diet.
  • Weekly fat loss goals.
  • Tying an event to the goal date.
  • Caloric targets.
  • Structuring refeeds around your lifestyle.
  • Does alcohol fit into the cutting phase diet plan?
  • How much cardio “should” you do to burn fat.
  • Should you listen to music during cardio sessions?
  • Should you adjust your training split during a fat loss phase?
  • Supplements during a cutting phase?
  • Does Bryan even lift? Just kidding.
  • Power of habits.
  • Workout split Bryan plans to follow during his cutting phase.
  • Why you should follow a structured, periodized, yearly plan.
  • Looking ahead.
  • and much more!

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