In this episode of the Physique Mastery Podcast, Scott Tousignant and I discuss the workout and nutrition strategies that Scott has been applying during his 12 week cutting phase.

  • Here’s what you’ll hear;
  • What makes a fat loss phase easier.
  • How the accountability with weekly physique updates skyrockets motivation.
  • Why radical changes from regular eating patterns aren’t necessary.
  • How you can enjoy your favourite foods while getting ripped.
  • Managing cheat days, cheat meals, and alcohol.
  • How to avoid the rebound weight gain at the end of a cutting phase.
  • What foods to add to a diet when a cutting phase ends
  • How doing just a handful of things consistently well is the key to a successful body transformation.
  • How to structure your workouts during a 12 week fat loss phase.
  • Why the timing of your cutting phase is important.

…And so much more!

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