In this episode of the Physique Mastery Podcast coaches Scott Tousignant and Bryan Krahn discuss the importance of following a workout program that suits your lifestyle with built in adaptability based on life circumstances.

Compliance with your designed workout plan is key. But there are times when life presents challenges that force you to call an audible and make temporary adjustments to the plan.

There are also times when life presents you with opportunities to step up your game. It’s just as important to take advantage of these moments.

How you handle these challenges and opportunities will have a big impact on your physique development and life.

This is a very important topic that isn’t discussed nearly enough. It’s something that we have been addressing in the Physique Mastery Movement this past month.

Some physique athletes feel like they fall behind when they are only able to complete 4 of their 5 planned workouts for the week. This creates a sense of defeat. Whereas a program with built in flexibility creates feelings of accomplishment and success.

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