Okay, so I have been busy.

Like super stupid busy, with coaching and consults and all the necessary things that go into running a fitness business. (Remember when I used to blog?)

There’s also been a bit of a cost in terms of something I hold dear, my body composition.


No, I’m not fat by any means. If you think I am please don’t shame me. Though that actually sounds kind of hot, depending on what the shamer looks like, what she’s wearing (black boots?) and whether I’ve had a few Moscow Mules that evening — but regardless, I think I could look better.

I KNOW I could look better.

By chance, I touched base with Scott Tousignant to record an episode of the Modern Musclehead podcast, another project we’ve both let slide. Before the show I explained my “dilemma” and we quickly agreed that we need to hold each other accountable.

We need a deadline. Well, at least I need a deadline.

So here’s the deal:

My meathead co-host is going to visit me in beautiful Calgary this August with the full intention of showing off how ripped he is.

He plans to get all kinds of photos and videos done — wrestling a grizzly bear in Banff is even on the radar, provided I get the permit filed in time — and my job will be to drive him around and keep him fed and hydrated while he basks in all his ripped glory.

Sounds like a grand ol’ time. Too bad for him it’s not gonna fucking happen.

Sorry homie, but you don’t hit the 403 or the 587 or whatever the hell my phone number is and start bro-ing me around. This is my house assface. And I’ve got 10 weeks to get ready to protect it. Game on.

To keep our listeners (and each other) updated, we’re introducing the Ripped Report, a new side-project from our Modern Musclehead podcast.

During this podcast we’ll share our progress and strategies, not to mention challenges we face and how we best try to deal with them.

Now that last point is the kicker — because neither of us want to make getting lean our life.

Why? Because it’s summer!

Over the next few months Scott has a bunch of camping trips planned and a few mini-vacations.

As for me, I’ll be back in NYC for a week, home for another week or so, and hopefully heading to the West coast for at least few days.

There will also be more than a few late nights and extra meaty barbecues. (I got a new smoker, bring your best butt rub).

I even have a birthday in there somewhere and I won’t be doing chicken and broccoli that day, believe me, unless I’m chasing it with tequila and boobs.

It’s all about balance and doing the best you can at what really matters, and never getting bogged down by little miscues or minutiae. So you don’t have to be perfect or act like some type of boring, hyper-judgmental, out of touch fitness monk.

You just need focus (and a little wisdom).

Note: I’m going to try to drop a little wisdom (and maybe even a selfie or two) every Friday on Instagram. If nothing else. you’ll get lots of shots of my dogs. They’re pretty jacked.

So here’s episode 1.

We dive into:

  • Starting bodyweight (I think I guessed mine)
  • Workout plans — what’s wrapping up and what we’re transitioning to.
  • How I accidentally started this cutting phase. (I really need to plan better).
  • Nutrition strategies we’ve begun to implement to kick off this diet phase.
  • Bathroom selfie pics — why they suck, but also why you should expect more!
  • Why maintenance SUCKS!
  • Yearly periodized planning.
  • Living a little during the Summer.
  • Our physique goals for this cutting phase.

Listen to this episode below:

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