In episode 28 of the Physique Mastery Podcast we’re joined by Dennis Breitwieser-Cutshall to discus the incredible success he’s had during the past 12 months of participating in our Physique Mastery Movement group coaching experience.

During the past year Dennis has dropped 23 pounds and 18% body fat by applying the physique mastery code that we teach, which involves;

  • A slow and steady approach.
  • Floating deadlines.
  • Variable training frequency to suit your lifestyle.
  • Adopting nutrition practices that work best for YOU.
  • Embracing the process.
  • Progressing through exercise quality while enhancing your mind-muscle connection.
  • Structure. Creating a process that’s easily repeatable while focusing on the important things that produce results.

It’s one thing to hear Scott and I preach these fundamental principles of Physique Mastery, but it’s something entirely different when you get to hear from people who have applied the principles and experienced the success that comes along with it.

This is a must listen to episode in my opinion. You’ll feel the passion and excitement from Dennis as he shares his story.

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Enjoy the episode… and as always, we appreciate your feedback. If you have any topics you’d like us to cover in future episodes, feel free to send us an email.