Bros “in the know” do not simply “lift things up and put them down.”

There’s intent behind every repetition. The name of the game is controlling the speed of each movement.

In episode 52 of the Modern Musclehead Podcast, Physique Coach Scott Tousignant and I share insights on lifting tempo, along with the reasons you should consider it in your own training:

  • Defining lifting tempo.
  • Is rep speed a useless variable to manipulate?
  • Do you need to follow tempo prescriptions as closely as possible?
  • Changing the tempo can completely change the ‘feel’ of an exercise.
  • What are the benefits of slower tempos?
  • Is it worth it to go super slow with your rep speed?
  • Why are guys over 40 making better physique improvements from lifting ‘lighter’ weight?
  • The proper way to lift explosively.
  • Taking lifting tempo to the extreme.
  • How the load can dictate the tempo.
  • The ‘intent’ of rep speed.
  • How to squeeze the maximum benefit from your last rep.
  • Benefits of holding the pause at various ranges of the movement.
  • Our favourite methods for utilizing a faster rep speed.
  • The BEST approach for building your legs.
  • Episode 52 of the Modern Musclehead Podcast is brought to you by the word ‘Engagement’!.

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