Gradually increasing training volume is the most important factor for physique development. Trouble is, some bros mistakenly train with high volume all year while failing to include low volume phases.

The culprit often times is doubt. That inner voice questioning whether your muscles are getting enough stimulation to grow from the low volume work. Always thinking more is better.

Scott and I have heard these thoughts and concerns echoed from several members within our Physique Mastery Movement group coaching experience community.

So when it came time to insert a low volume workout phase into our members training this month we knew it would be a great coaching opportunity. Helping grow more than just muscle in the Physique Mastery Movement community.

For many PMM members the thought of stepping outside of their comfort zone meant more work and going beyond their pain threshold. Little did they know that the lower volume workouts were going to be a lot less comfortable because the concept was so foreign to them.

The first week was a big adjustment for them. Walking out of the gym feeling invigorated rather than beat down felt weird to them and they voiced the doubts that crept into their mind. Yet they wanted to trust the system we had in place for them.

This sparked some incredible conversations about the purpose and benefits of low volume training phases. The most important discussions were about how to make the most out of the low volume workouts.

Scott and I drilled home the importance of giving maximum effort and focus toward every rep and set. The PMM community took this to heart, which led to some very eye opening experiences for them.

They now fully embrace the low volume work because they’ve experienced the benefits first hand. Bottom line… They’ve grown!

In this episode of the Physique Mastery Podcast coaches Bryan Krahn and Scott Tousignant share;

– Why training volume is misunderstood.

– Junk volume that is holding you back.

– Marketing messages that are responsible for creating the “More is better” mindset.

– Various methods for including low volume work into your training plan.

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