Many of us physique minded bros always seem to be chasing big goals. Whether it’s getting shredded or packing on muscle mass, we have this need to see a drastic change in appearance in order to feel a great sense of achievement.

The thought of maintenance just does not seem to sit well with us.

But what if… what if that uncomfortable pit in our stomach is a sign that maintenance should be the very goal we need to strive for?

In this episode of the Physique Mastery Podcast,  Paul Thiel joined Scott Tousignant and me to discuss the the benefits of chasing maintenance.

You’ll hear about:

  • The successful 46 week bulking phase Paul went through last year.
  • What Paul will do different during his next muscle building phase.
  • What made his cutting phase feel so effortless.
  • The catalyst for embarking on his journey of maintenance.
  • What he’s learned from 10 weeks of chasing maintenance and how his body has responded.
  • Establishing a new body weight set point.
  • Rediscovering the joy of training.
  • How life changes when you just ‘BE’.

…And so much more!

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Enjoy the episode… and as always, we appreciate your feedback. If you have any topics you’d like us to cover in future episodes, feel free to send us an email or post them in the comment section below.