Fun fact!

A couple times a week, I record a podcast with fellow bodybuilder and all-around nice guy Scott Tousignant.

The topics can vary greatly, but the overarching theme is our passion for building muscle and losing fat — while still having a life.

We also make fun of some of the utterly stupid shit some people believe, as well as point out the painfully obvious stuff that a few of my “evidenced based” colleagues refuse to acknowledge.

Plus my dogs, Maverick and Goose, often make an appearance.


In this episode, we’re joined by Paul Thiel to discus how to listen to your body when it comes to bodybuilding nutrition, training, and lifestyle.

Topic highlights:

  • What does hunger really feel like?
  • Embracing hunger during a cutting phase.
  • Downfall of freedom and the importance of rules.
  • How certain macro compositions effect your hunger and satiety.
  • Signals that should trigger a refeed.
  • Intelligent refeeds: Structured vs intuitive.
  • The problem with “No pain, no gain” mentality.
  • Working through the ‘burn’ vs working through pain.
  • When to swap one exercise for another.
  • Using auto regulation to determine how hard you’ll push your workout today.
  • Incorporating RPE into your training progression model.
  • Mind-muscle connection: Subtle changes that can make a dramatic impact.
  • What type and dose of conditioning to use based on how your body is recovering.
  • Rest days and rest months.
  • and much more!

Listen to this episode below:

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