To get lean, or not to get lean? That is the question.

Or is it?

In episode 51 of the Modern Musclehead Podcast, I’m joined by Physique Coach Scott Tousignant to discuss why getting lean should be your top priority.

  • Why it’s best to get down to a comfortable level of body fat.
  • Creating the illusion of looking bigger and more muscular.
  • The psychological benefits of looking good.
  • Looking average vs looking like you lift.
  • Permission to be light and don’t worry about the scale.
  • Getting lean identifies the glaring weak points to build upon.
  • Why excess fat can make you less likely to commit to the muscle building plan.
  • Why you’ll gain better quality weight when you start from a leaner point.
  • Do leaner guys believe in themselves more? Do they make better decisions?
  • Making the cutting phase easier on yourself.
  • The rebound effect.
  • Muscle gains are easier to visually gauge when you are leaner.
  • The difference between younger guys and guys over 40.
  • Why going from average to lean makes for such a dramatic transformation.

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